Unique Code

Using MCA in Auto Reply user can now set a Coupon / Discount Code which gets generated dynamically with every incoming call.

This Code is Unique with every caller.

Auto Reply SMS Content having Coupon Code Example:

Welcome to Mall. Your Phone is 917666905444 & Coupon Code is 85458785794. Avail 30 mins play in Playzone + Rock Climbing FREE.Validity 1mth. 022xxxxxxxx

Thanks for Registering with ICB Your Discount Code is 25698745789 visit our Store and avail 10% discount by showing this code on Billing Counter.

Case Study 1:

A Shopping Mall Display Missed Call Number to Avail Discounts in Shops within the Mall. When a Visitor gives a Missed Call he receives back a SMS with Promotional Offer with Discount/Coupon Code which he shows to a Shopkeeper and avail Discounts.

Case Study 2:

Many Companies ask users to give a missed call and they receive a Unique Code on each mobile number and later a Lucky Draw is held and a one of the caller gets the 1st. Prize / Gift in the event.

Fee: Unique Code Generation System is Optional Paid Service.