How To use Missed Call Alert
  • Simply give a Call on your Incoming Number
  • Response Message [Optional]
  • In case you want your prospective client to receive an SMS, when he gives you a call, you can add a response message
Example Response Message Thanks for Calling. Registered your Phone %var1%, One of our Executive will contact you Soon – %var2%. Powered by: %var3%
%var1% The Phone Number from which call was received
%var2% Your Company Name
%var3% Default Site Name

Forwarding URL [Optional]

In case you want to store the data ie. the Missed Call Alert from number, you can do that by using our variable name
mcafrom [Mandatory] caller_number In this Variable you will Receive Incoming Number Value
cdt [Optional] In this Variable you will Receive Call Date, Time cdt Format: dd-mm-yyyy Hour:Min:Sec eg. 28-May-2024 06:56:23
var1 [Optional] {Will be available on Request. } This Variable will be your Missed Call Number
var2 [Optional] {Will be available on Request. Paid Service.} This Variable will be your a Random Generated Number
Example API: http://YourDomainName/receiveMCA.ext?caller_number= caller_number&cdt=cdt&var1=var1&var2=var2
Suppose Missed Call given from 919769543210
Translated URL will be:http://YourDomainName/receiveMCA.ext?caller_number=919769543210&cdt=28-May-2024 06:56:23&var1=7666772979&var2=20713397