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Applications for which MCA can be Used

  • 01
    Lead Generation

    Use MCA for connecting people via registrations, coupon delivery, leads, alert subscription, broadcasting information.

  • 02
    Number Verification

    Be it for the web registration service or for cash on delivery verification, our MCA helps you in full.

  • 03
    Poll Campaign & Voting

    With MCA toll free number you can also make out live poll campaigns and also get feedbacks via phone voting.

  • 04
    Feedback Service

    Use MCA service to ascertain the level of your service to the customer. Use it as a feedback tool to gain the rating and improve business.

  • 05
    Call Back Service

    If you wish to have a service to get an auto call back option then only MCA provides you with it. Never leave a customer for a call.

  • 06
    Auto Reply SMS

    With auto reply sms you simply make sure the customer is well informed for the missed call he had given to your toll free number.

  • 07
    Unique Coupon Code

    Generate special coupon code and bring in more business and gain mroe customers